Interested in learning more about our dental assisting program in Lehi, Utah? Please review our FAQ page or call us at 801-766-3700. Our dentist and dental assisting instructors will be happy to provide you with additional information and help you enroll in the Assist to Succeed Lehi program.

What is a dental assistant, and what do they do?

A dental assistant is a member of a dental office. A dental assistant roles involve taking x rays; being of service to the doctor during various procedures; sterilizing instruments; disinfecting rooms; and recording diagnoses from the dentist for treatment plan. Their main role may vary according to the office and the speciality of the doctor for whom they work for.

What are the benefits of being a dental assistant?

Dental assistants have the opportunity to serve, not only the patient, but the doctor for whom they work for, as well as the dental team; a job that provides a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment.

How long does it take to become a dental assistant?

Although you may find work as a dental assistant without any certification most offices prefer it. Certification as a dental assistant can vary but our course takes 10 weeks to complete.

What qualifications do I need to enroll in the dental assistant course?

No qualifications are necessary! All that is required is the ability to commit to a payment plan to ensure the tuition costs are met.

Can I take the dental assisting course online?

All assisting courses required in person training due to clinical application of the material. Yet, the lecture portion of our course has changed to primarily online.

Is financial aid available for the dental assistant program?

Yes! Our course provides discounts for those students who enroll while they are in highschool. We also give out one scholarship a year predicated on submitting a prompted essay.

What topics are covered in the dental assistant curriculum?

Some topics that are covered within our course include; Instruction on PPE, sterilization and disinfection techniques, x-ray identification, structure and anatomy of the head and mouth, instrument identification, proper handling and passing of instruments in a clinical setting.

Are there job placement services or assistance after completing the course?

Specific to our course, we provide awareness of job opportunities half-way through the program via text. In addition we provide a class where we discuss the importance of job interview skills and share a facebook account that caters to assistant work opportunities. Outside of our program there are a variety of platforms that are helpful for students seeking job opportunities including Indeed, Handshake, and LinkedIn.

What is the average salary for a dental assistant?

Dental assistants on average start around $16/hr.

Is there a hands-on component to dental assisting training?

Yes! Majority of the time you spend in class each week will involve in-clinic training.

How do I apply for the dental assistant program?

No application necessary! We accept all students who commit to a payment plan and show excitement for what our program can provide for their future!

Are there opportunities for continuing education in dental assisting?

There are always ways to learn and improve! As there are various specialties in dentistry there are various skill sets assistants can have. A lot of assistants choose to further their education by becoming a dental hygienist. This requires an associates or bachelors degree and is obtained through an accredited institution.

What sets your dental assistant program apart from others?

Our program allows for maximized individualized training due to our smaller class sizes and multiple instructors. In addition, the dentist will come to a few of the classes throughout the course to provide instruction and training.

What is the success rate of students who complete the dental assisting program?

We have been instructing students for twelve years and have a 95% completion rate!

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